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Are you confused by UK Immigration law? Do you need expert help or advice?

Our Immigration specialists can advise you on all UK visa and immigration matters, from UK visa refusals to UK visa applications.

At A J Immigration Services our UK Immigration specialists are experts in finding effective solutions for all UK Immigration issues. To get the best advice from one of our immigration experts, you will need to book a consultation. With offices throughout the UK, we are confident that we can facilitate you.

Get immigration advice now

Our UK Immigration specialists can offer you professional advice and appropriate guidance regarding your immigration matter; being able to provide you with honest and impartial answers regarding the most likely outcome regarding your case. You will be given all of the facts regarding you case or order to proceed with your matter.

Our service is unique and totally tailored to you. Our lawyers will be your personal lawyers. From your first telephone call you will be given a clear and honest assessment of your case.

How to get Immigration advice

Simply complete our online assessment form and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange an appointment at one of our UK offices. Alternatively, we can arrange for a telephone consultation with a UK Immigration specialist to be conducted for you.

Advice sessions

As a part of our services we offer advice session, which can be at our offices in Hemel Hempstead / Birmingham / London or over email. Email advice is becoming very popular because it is available to anyone anywhere in the world, plus answers are written and you can refer to them later without a fear of forgetting the advice given. You can also show it to your partner or to your employer.

EMAIL ADVICE: We promise to provide answers to your queries by the end of the next working day after receipt of advice fee. Advice fee will be counted towards our service fee if you proceed with an application through us later, so in the end you will be paying no more than our service fee.

FACE-TO-FACE ADVICE: At our offices. Advice fee will be counted towards our service fee if you proceed with an application through us later.

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